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Pros and Cons of Anatomically Shaped Breast Implants

shutterstock_297552434(1)Anatomic-shaped implants were initially invented for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, though they have gained some popularity in recent years in cosmetic breast augmentation. Just like everything in surgery, though, there are pros and cons to the use of anatomic-shaped implants. As a board certified plastic surgeon, I have a significant amount of experience in the use of anatomic-shaped implants for both reconstruction and cosmetic surgery, and it is crucial for my patients to understand the risks and benefits of these shaped implants prior to their procedure.

The key benefit of anatomically contoured implants is that they can create a very natural “teardrop” breast shape, particularly for patients who have minimal and/or thin breast tissue. However, the downsides are that these implants tend to be stiffer, less natural-feeling, and have a risk of malposition over time. Additionally, a slightly larger incision is required to insert anatomic-shaped implants versus smooth, round gel implants.

At 740 Park Plastic Surgery, the majority of the augmentations I perform are done with smooth, round breast implants, as I find this style of implant often creates the best results for most women. That said, I will conduct an augmentation with natural-shaped implants in the right patient, and I have achieved some incredible outcomes doing so. Ultimately, the best implant will depend on the unique needs and goals of the individual, all of which can be discussed in full detail during the consultation process.

Daniel Y. Maman, MD

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