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How Does KYBELLA® Work?


Traditionally, women and men interested in reducing diet- and exercise-resistant fat underneath the chin had only surgical options, such as liposuction of the neck. Thanks to continuing innovations and improvements in aesthetic medicine, however, surgery is no longer the sole solution to this common cosmetic concern (often referred to as a “double chin”).

KYBELLA® is a relatively new, FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to eliminate submental fat tissue and contour the under-chin region through minimally invasive means. Uniquely formulated with a deoxycholic acid solution, this one-of-a-kind injectable is meticulously administered in targeted areas below the chin and/or along the underside of the jawline via an ultra-thin needle. Once delivered, the KYBELLA® solution works to dismantle and destroy fat cells in the area, which are then gradually discarded through the body’s natural metabolic process. The injectable’s effects tend to take a few weeks to become fully visible, and a series of anywhere from two to six treatments is typically necessary to achieve an optimal outcome. That said, once the final results have been realized, there is usually no need for retreatment so long as a relatively stable weight and well-balanced lifestyle is maintained.

Patients here at 740 Park Plastic Surgery have been extremely pleased with their KYBELLA® results and treatment experience, and I encourage anyone seeking to non-surgically reduce fullness beneath the chin to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out if this revolutionary technique may be right for them.

Dr. Stafford R. Broumand

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