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Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology has made it possible to virtually eliminate undesired hair in specific body areas with long-lasting results, allowing for smooth and soft skin with little to no re-growth. Painful waxing, tweezing and shaving offer only temporary results, while laser hair removal can have potentially permanent reduction of hair growth. Dr. Stafford Broumand offers advanced laser hair removal procedures for both men and women that can treat all areas of the body.

Laser hair removal works by guiding a hand-held device over the areas of undesired hair. Targeted laser energy destroys the hair at the root, reducing the chance that it will ever grow back. Any potential discomfort during the procedure is minimized with a state-of-the-art cooling treatment applied to your skin while the laser is in use.

Pre – Treatment Post – Treatment Benefits for Clients:
  • No antibiotics or sun-sensitive medication
  • If taken, antibiotics must be off for 14 days from last pill taken
  • No Sun Tan or Self Tanner lotion in area you are having treated
  • No St. John’s Wort herbal supplement.
  • 10-30 days for the hair to fall out
  • Might experience some temporary redness or swelling in the treatment area
  • Please do not wax or tweeze in between your sessions. Shaving is ideal.
  • No sun exposure in area after treatment.
  • Excellent aesthetic outcomes
  • Long-term, lasting results
  • Fast treatment sessions
  • Advanced Contact Cooling technology to minimize discomfort

Laser Hair Removal Recovery and Results

Some redness and swelling will likely be present after treatment, often feeling like a mild sunburn. However, skin creams and aloe gels can typically relieve any discomfort, and these side effects should fade within 24 hours. Optimal results from laser hair removal may require a series of treatments. Most patients are able to resume normal daily activities right after the laser hair removal procedure.

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