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BOTOX® Cosmetic is a revolutionary product designed to temporarily reduce and even eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While requiring only 10–15 minutes of your time, Dr. Stafford R. Broumand can effectively improve your appearance with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

BOTOX® injections are administered into the treatment area with a very fine diamond cut needle. A numbing agent can be applied to the targeted areas to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. The BOTOX® Cosmetic solution relaxes the muscles lying below the skin, which effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Results can last for many months, and the effects can be maintained with occasional follow-up treatment.

BOTOX® Candidate Our Technique BOTOX® Cosmetic Information BOTOX® Cosmetic Preoperative Information
  • Crows feet
  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Creases between the brow
  • With a diamond cut needle tiny injections are made
  • Injections are customized to each patient
  • Treatment time 15-20 minutes
  • Takes up to 10 days to see final result
  • No down time
  • No Aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products for seven to ten days
    prior to treatment
  • No fish oil/omega oils for seven to ten days is ideal prior to treatment


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