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Breast Reconstruction Options After Mastectomy and Radiation

brava with reconstructionWhen a breast cancer patient has undergone mastectomy and received radiation as part of her treatment, tissues of the breast and chest often become tighter and more firm than normal. Should the patient be interested in breast reconstruction, the rigidity of these tissues can make the reconstruction procedure a bit more difficult, particularly when placing a breast implant. However, large-volume fat grafting to the breasts can often be an excellent option for reconstruction patients whose breast tissues have been affected by radiation.

At my practice, we use the BRAVA® system prior to breast reconstruction for patients who have tight breast tissues as the result of radiation treatment. BRAVA® is a preoperative skin and tissue expansion device designed to create enough space in the breast pocket to support the transfer of large fat quantities, as opposed to an implant. Additionally, the BRAVA® system also increases blood flow to the tissues of the breasts, enabling more fat cells to survive after transfer.

My staff and I have been fortunate enough to witness the lives of breast reconstruction patients who have undergone this fat transfer technique instantaneously change for the better. In fact, the day after the procedure, many patients call our office and are ecstatic and grateful that they no longer have the pain and/or lack of arm mobility often associated with the placement of implants following radiation.

Ultimately, breast reconstruction with fat transfer after radiation can be a life-altering event.

- Dr. Stafford R. Broumand, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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