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Meet Jacqueline Stein, Our Registered Dietitian

wellness nutrition new york cityJacqueline Stein graduated Magna Cum Laude from Long Island University with a degree in nutrition before completing her internship and Master’s program at Lehman College. As our practice’s Registered Dietitian, she conducts the various food rehab and detox programs offered to our patients. In an effort to help current and prospective patients get to know her a little better, we recently sat down with Jacqueline to ask her a few questions regarding the specifics of her role here at Dr. Broumand’s office. Check out her responses below.

What led you to start working with Dr. Broumand and our plastic surgery team?

Weight loss and trying to individualize someone’s diet to help them feel great about him or herself is something I’ve always been interested in. I played a lot of sports throughout high school, so eating healthy and seeing how your diet can play a critical role in your everyday well-being, and simply your self-esteem, brought my interest to nutrition. From there, working with somebody like Dr. Broumand as well as other doctors who really take an interest in helping people who believe they need something to feel better about themselves has always been an interest. So, when I met Dr. Broumand and he started talking to me about how he wanted to really open up his practice and make it more of an overall wellness goal, I was extremely interested in joining his team.

How do you help patients here at our practice?

My role in this office is to make sure patients are not only getting quick, immediate results with Dr. Broumand, but also then making sure the investment they’re paying for is also going to be lasting long-term. I think the goals Dr. Broumand and I have are the same. We both want to help people feel the best that they can feel, which allows us to work as a team and give patients a more well-rounded treatment plan. This way they are getting the cosmetic results they want to see and maintaining them, as opposed to rushing back because they just had a tummy tuck and now everything is returning three months later due to the fact that they aren’t keeping up with their diet. Eventually, issues and concerns are going to return if you don’t make lifestyle changes, which is why I’m here to help.

Are you primarily working with the patients pre-surgery, post-surgery, or both?

It’s a little bit of both. My job involves preparing them for surgery – for certain procedures, Dr. Broumand won’t proceed unless they’ve lost a certain amount of weight, so I help them reach that goal to ensure the procedure goes as well as possible. Then, I work with them after their procedure is done to make sure that they’re maintaining their results.

Are you working with patients after a particular procedure, or do you work with everyone?

I’m working with almost every patient. We do a consultation prior to surgery even if it’s just to help them make sure they’re eating enough vitamin E, vitamin A, and zinc to help with healing after their procedure. Everything is going take a toll on the body in different ways, so however diet can play a role – which it does in many ways – I’m there to help.

What exactly is the Food Rehab Program?

We have different packages that are all part of the food rehab program, so depending on your nutritional knowledge and how much help you felt like you needed, we would recommend one of three different packages. For instance, lets say you really didn’t know much about nutrition, what goes into foods, or why you’re eating certain types of food. In this case we would recommend you do the Clean Slate program because after we take a look and realize you’re eating a lot of high-fat foods, it’s often better to just start from scratch and clean up the diet completely. The Clean Slate is what we recommend for a lot of people who just really feel they can’t live without, lets say chocolate and pizza, and they know these foods are not necessarily healthy, but they need a clean break from them to stop craving them. From there, you can go into the maintenance program where we can do the Food Facelift and help you incorporate foods you love back into your diet. Additionally, we offer the Restore program, which is designed to kind of help you feel more energized and focus better.

It all depends on your goals. Everything is very individualized depending on what your goals are, what Dr. Broumand’s goals are, and how ready you are to make these changes in your diet, because if you’re someone who knows there needs to be a change but you just don’t think you’re ready for something like the Cool Slate, we are always able to tailor everything to help you reach your goal.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about overall wellness program here at our office?

There’s just no other program like it; there’s nothing this extremely individualized. Being able to give somebody the opportunity to optimize their own diet plan and learn how food and antioxidants can affect the overall outcome of procedures they’re having done is unprecedented. It’s just amazing to see how a diet can really enhance what Dr. Broumand is already able to achieve. There’s nothing else like it.

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