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Why Dr. Broumand Supports APROQUEN: Bryan’s Story

aproquen blog 2bBryan is a young, five-year-old boy with a gleam in his eye. He lives in a poverty-stricken Nicaraguan town comprised of feeble wooden houses that are seemingly held together by mismatched boards and other miscellaneous materials found around the area. Through gaping holes left by uneven and/or missing planks, beds consisting of metal screens raised off the ground by stacks of bricks are common sightings. There is no grass in Bryan’s town, but rather dirt, mud, and few large trees providing occasional shade.

Like many other boys his age, Bryan is full of energy and loves to play outside near his house. While running around the yard one day, he came across a bowl being used to boil water and proceeded to approach it. Eager to know what was inside the bowl but unable to see, Bryan grabbed it with both hands and pulled it down to get a better look. Upon tilting the bowl, the boiling water came spilling out, severely burning his head as well as half of his body. When she became aware of what had happened, Bryan’s mother rushed him to APROQUEN’s Burn Center located about half an hour away, and the organization’s pediatric burn specialists immediately attended to his injuries.

After receiving specialized, comprehensive treatment for his burns, Bryan is now back to being a normal kid who has no problem attending school and interacting with others. Additionally, his mother was so grateful for everything APROQUEN has done for her son, she expressed the desire to give back to the organization and has since been hired to be a maid for the foundation’s adjacent shelter in which parents and family members can stay while their child/grandchild/sibling receives care.

Though Bryan will always have some degree of visible scarring from his accident, he is unmistakably happy and that special gleam in his eye is noticeably apparent. It is for Bryan and many other kids with similar stories that Dr. Stafford R. Broumand and our team are proud to volunteer our aid in support of APROQUEN and its noble mission of helping pediatric burn victims in Nicaragua and Central America who can’t afford proper care.

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For more information about Dr. Broumand’s humanitarian work with APROQUEN, or to learn how you can help support this charitable foundation, please contact us today.

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